How much do your cupcakes cost?

Regular Size:
$3.25 each + tax
$19.50 for 1/2 dozen + tax
$36.00 a dozen + tax
$3.75 each for Gluten Free + tax

$1.85 each or $19.20 for a dozen + tax


How many cupcakes do you regularly have in the bakery?

We usually have seven cupcake flavors each day, with five everyday flavors, a flavor of the day and a surprise cupcake flavor except for Sundays where we offer 6 cupcake flavors.


Why don’t you offer all of your cupcakes every day?

We have a pretty long list of cupcake flavors. It would be hard to bake all of them fresh each day, and having the freshest, most flavorful cupcakes every day is important to us.   Also, many of our flavors are seasonal.


How long do your cupcakes stay fresh?

We bake our cupcakes fresh daily. There are no additives or preservatives, so they are meant to be eaten the same day they are baked. If needed, you can keep them in an airtight container for up to two days.  They also freeze very well.


I would love to try your cupcakes, but I’m gluten free. Do you have any gluten free options?

Yes! Currently, we make gluten free cupcakes every Tuesday & Thursday, they are $3.75 each.


Are you a nut free establishment?

No, we do use nuts and extracts in our products. Sorry!


Do your cupcakes contain trans fat?

Absolutely not!


Can I order in advance?

Absolutely! We ask for a 48-hour notice on special orders and they are available for pick up in our main store at Horsetooth & College.   Give us a call or send us an email.


How large of an order do I have to make to qualify for delivery?

There is no minimum order for our delivery service.


What is the delivery charge?

$12 within Fort Collins.  We can also deliver to Loveland based upon our availability for a $30 fee.  Other locations can be priced out accordingly.


Do you ship your cupcakes?

No, we prefer our cupcakes to be eaten the same day they are baked, so we do not ship them.


Do you cater?

Yes, we will deliver and set up a beautiful display for you. The set up/decorating cost is determined by your specific needs.  Want to order Cupcakes for your event – call us today!


Do you do weddings?

Absolutely. Please email Brittany for a consultation.

View our Weddings page for examples of what we offer.


Do you serve coffee in your store?

Yes, we make great coffee, cappuccinos, lattes, etc. in our main store at Horsetooth & College. We also carry sodas, bottled waters and organic milk.


Do you have WiFi in your store?

Yes, and it is free.